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Safety isn't a slogan, it's a way of life!

In India, we mark the 4th of March yearly as Safety Day. This day was chosen to commemorate the establishment of the National Safety Council, which works for the upliftment of safety in industries such as to create awareness, training, etc.

RenewSys at its Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Patalganga units celebrated the 52nd National Safety Week from March 4 - 10, 2023.

The theme was "Our aim is zero harm"

Celebrations at our Hyderabad Unit

The team gathered for Flag Hoisting with a safety pledge. They were shown the PPE kits which were on display and made aware of the importance of wearing them at all times while working and being on the shop floor. During the week, the team was also shown various safety videos, and boot camps were held to bring about awareness about safety.

Indian Red Cross Society had arranged a Blood Donation Camp in which some of our team members participated. There were various competitions organized on safety posters, safety quizzes, safety dramas, and awards and recognition given to our safety heroes.

Celebrations at our Bengaluru Unit

The team gathered to celebrate the safety week with a safety pledge followed by releasing the safety induction book. The team was made aware of the importance of safety at work. Rajesh Singh - Chief Operating Officer signed a commitment that safety will be our top priority at work.

There were various pieces of training that were conducted during the safety week like General safety and Food Habits, ISO Awareness, Machine Safety, and Static Electricity safety followed by a safety posters competition.

Celebrations at our Patalganga Unit

The team gathered to celebrate the safety week by taking a safety pledge and there were safety badges that were worn by the team members. During the week there were many activities that were conducted like a safety quiz competition, safety skits, and Tug of War.

PPE kits were also kept on display and the team was made aware of the importance of it to wear at all times. There was a session on Electric Safety, Fire Drills. and 4 Man Hydrants Drills. Finally, the week ended with the distribution of sweets to the team members.

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