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Fires are rare, when there is Care!

Fire Safety Week was commemorated at our RenewSys facilities from April 14 - 20, 2022.

This week is celebrated across India and across government and private organizations to create awareness about the safety measures to prevent fire-related disasters and help employees prepare for them at the workplace. It was instituted in the memory of the brave firemen who lost their lives during the dock explosion in Mumbai on 14th April 1944.

RenewSys Patalganga Facility:

The team assembled at the premises where the Patalganga Fire Brigade showed a demonstration on fire safety. The demonstration on 'How to Extinguish a Fire' was followed by some hands-on practice, especially on using different kinds of fire extinguishers. After the demonstration, the Fire Brigade team was honored and felicitated.

RenewSys Hyderabad Facility:

The team assembled for the Emergency mock drill which was coordinated with Telangana State Govt Fire Department. During the emergency mock drill session as soon as smoke was detected there was a fire alarm and the team was asked to immediately evacuate the premises and reach the assembly point.

A demonstration followed on how to extinguish the fire in different ways such as the use of Life-saving equipment, Stop-Drop-Roll, Fire Blanketing, and Diffuser/Revolving Nozzle Operation.

It is good to note that when helping a victim who is injured, one person can help with lifting, if there is a fracture on one of the victim's legs then two people lift the victim, and if there are multiple fractures then the victim gets is lifted on a stretcher.

RenewSys Bengaluru Facility:

The team at our Bengaluru facility marked the Fire Service Week on the 14th of April with discussions on fire safety and best practices in dealing with hazardous materials. They were also part of a training on how to extinguish fires last month.


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