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RenewSys Newsletter

Newsletter | Volume XVI | February 2023

Starting Strong For A Bright Year!

             "RenewSys, the first integrated module manufacturer and India’s largest Encapsulant & Backsheet supplier have scaled up our Encapsulant production to 4 GW at Bengaluru. EPE, POE, and EVA are all available from this facility.

With the new Encapsulant line already on order, this consolidates our position as market leaders. Our plan to scale up to 11 GW of Encapsulants (EVA, POE & EPE) in a phase-wise manner, is also on target.


Domestic module manufacturers make up our biggest consumer base, and a large number of our products have been adapted and adopted by the Indian PV industry to keep them abreast with international standards.

Encapsulants are a crucial solar module component. They provide adhesion, cushioning, and electrical insulation, and hold the entire solar PV module or solar panel together.


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As the undisputed leader of the Indian PV polymer industry, RenewSys has ensured that we develop and make available, ultra-modern, value-for-money offerings to support the Indian solar industry’s exponential growth.


This has meant dedicating extensive resources and training our personnel to ensure that we are truly at par with the global industry. These efforts have also helped us establish a footing in globally mature PV markets like Europe."

Avinash Hiranandani,

GCEO & Managing Director,

RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd.

Tech First

RenewSys leverages technology to ensure our solar modules and module components don't just last - they thrive - meeting customers' performance expectations.

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