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February 2023, Volume XVI, Page 2

RenewSys Newsletter


Snippets From Around The Globe

After the COVID break of two years, we were eager to meet all our partners and customers, from around the globe.

V2 Newsletter XVI 2022.png

Starting 2023 off strong, we showcased our products at the World Future Energy Summit 2023, at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Our team traveled to Munich, Germany, to attend Europe’s biggest solar Exhibition – InterSolar Europe 2022.

RenewSys at the Mercom India Solar Summit 2022, where Mr. Avinash Hiranandani was one of the panelists at session dedicated to discussing domestic manufacturing.

V2 Newsletter XVI 2022.png
V2 Newsletter XVI 2022.png

The team was excited to meet customers at the Solar Show Africa 2022, held in Johannesburg.

RenewSys booth at the Solar Power International 2022 Exhibition at Anaheim, California, USA.

V2 Newsletter XVI 2022.png
V2 Newsletter XVI 2022.png

A place to experience the future of sustainable energy with industry, RenewSys participated in India's biggest Solar Exhibition Renewable Energy India Expo 2022, Noida.

InterSolar India 2022, at Gandhinagar, Gujarat was spectacular. We also had a dedicated Tech Station that explored how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is transforming solar panel manufacturing.

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Credit Rating

RenewSys received a credit rating of A(Stable)/A2+. This is a significant leap and it highlights our continuously improving financial performance. It is an encouraging signal to the industry of our growth.

Know Your Backsheet

RenewSys tested two types of PV Backsheet samples - laminated and coated - for their resilience to abrasion and chemical resistance.

The abrasion test was conducted by rubbing sandpaper on the airside of both the backsheets.

The laminated backsheet performed well with no visible abrasion. However, a significant amount of coating particles were visible on the sandpaper, with abrasion marks from the process, on the coated backsheet.

The second test involved wiping both the backsheets with a cloth dipped in solvent. The laminated backsheet showed no visible physical change. But the coated backsheet, left significant residue on the cloth.

These tests give visual comparative evidence helping module manufacturers and installers witness how backsheets perform when exposed to conditions like abrasion, and chemical exposure due to pollution.

A backsheet that underperforms or fails, compromises the performance

and life of the module.

View the video

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Make It Even Better!

Teams across RenewSys are participating in a 'Manufacturing Excellence Program'. It includes how teams align themselves with productivity and innovation.

Awareness through on-ground activities are also in focus to nurture a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

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