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2020 - What is a Solar Encapsulant?

The solar PV Encapsulant is a critical component of a solar module. It is a polymer that is formulated to allow as much sunlight to pass through to the solar PV Cells as possible while blocking harmful UV radiations.

It performs several functions along with protecting cells from UV light including acting as a barrier between dust and moisture and the PV Cells, providing cushioning for cells, and binding the cells to the glass and the solar PV backsheet. It also provides electrical insulation and protection against PID.

The RenewSys range of Encapsulants CONSERV® are an exclusive range of specially formulated Encapsulants that include Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or EVA based and Polyolefin Elastomeric Encapsulant or POE based multi-layer polymers and include innovations like the Fast Cure, Ultra Fast Cure, PID Resistant, UV Transparent Encapsulants.

Here is a brief history of the development of EVA-based Encapsulants which continue to remain the most widely used in Glass – Backsheet Modules.

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