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DCR Solar Panels

This post is most relevant to an Indian audience.

What are DCR Solar Panels in India?

Solar Panels are also known as Solar PV Modules.

When solar modules/ panels are required to comply with DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) - it means that the solar panel and the components used in the manufacture of the solar panel should necessarily be made in India.

A key component specified in most cases is the solar PV cell used in the panel, i.e. it should be a solar PV cell manufactured in India. These cells are also referred to as DCR solar cells.

DCR Solar PV Cells

Solar PV Cells are the heart of a solar panel.

It is the cell that converts light energy to electrical power. It is fragile and very thin. (A solar cell is approximately as thick as two to three sheets of regular A4 printing paper).

Cell Manufacturing Process

DCR Solar Cells must be made in India from the black or grey wafer stage.

Wafers that have already undergone processing till the ARC coating stage, appear blue in colour, and do not qualify for DCR modules.

Sometimes DCR tenders specify that the modules require other components like the Encapsulant, Backsheet, Glass, etc. also to have been manufactured in India.

DCR Panel Quality

The ALMM policy and BIS Certification that are mandatory in India today are great initiatives to ensure that the modules produced in India are of the highest quality.

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RenewSys - DCR

RenewSys DCR modules are made with 100% indigenous RenewSys solar PV cells - Made in India, Made for India.

These modules are the best choice for projects under tenders that require solar PV modules also known as solar panels made with indigenous (Indian) solar PV cells like - PGVCL, RRECL, UPNEDA, TS-REDCO, JREDA, KSEB, etc.

Our solar panels are also made only with RenewSys-made Encapsulant and Backsheet.

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