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Journeying Towards Excellence - RenewSys Encapsulant Rolls Vertical Packing

"Excellence is doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well!'

Keeping this motto front and centre, team RenewSys is continually striving to improve every aspect of our products our services.

We are excited to announce an improvement that guarantees customer delight!

Our Bengaluru facility has introduced a new way of packing the Encapsulant rolls - vertically.

This has several benefits for module manufacturers, keeping pace with the fast pace of production that these facilities are aiming for. These include:

  • Reduction in the currently frequent changeover of rolls in the manufacturing line,

  • This will help save time, human resources, and line stoppage, especially in high-speed automated lines

  • Easier release of the sheet while unwinding (No stickiness)

Data and Image Credits: RenewSys


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