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Safety Is a Choice You Make, Not a Chance You Take — RenewSys Commemorates National Safety Week 2024

Every 4th of March, India marks Safety Day, a significant occasion observed by the National Safety Council to raise awareness and promote safety measures in various industries. This day serves as a reminder that safety is not just a priority but a fundamental aspect of any workplace.

RenewSys, across its units in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Patalganga, recently commemorated the 53rd National Safety Week from March 4th to 10th, 2024. Each location embraced the spirit of safety with enthusiasm and dedication, fostering a culture where safety is paramount.

RenewSys Hyderabad

The team convened for a Flag Hoisting ceremony, accompanied by a collective safety pledge. They were briefed on the significance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits, which were prominently displayed, emphasizing their essential role in ensuring safety during work on the shop floor. Throughout the week, the team engaged in various activities aimed at raising awareness about safety, including viewing safety videos and participating in boot camps.

Additionally, the Indian Red Cross Society organized a Blood Donation Camp, which saw the participation of some of our team members. Various competitions were also organized, encompassing safety poster design, quizzes, and dramatic performances, with awards and recognition bestowed upon our safety heroes.

RenewSys Bengaluru

The team gathered to inaugurate the safety week with a collective safety pledge. Mr. Rajesh Singh, Chief Technology Officer – Encapsulant & Backsheet, along with two senior colleagues, delivered a speech highlighting the importance and awareness of safety in the workplace.

Throughout the week, a series of training sessions were conducted covering topics such as Occupational Health, General Safety, Food Habits, Machine Safety, and Static Electricity safety, followed by a safety poster competition.

RenewSys Patalganga

The team assembled to mark the safety week with a commitment to safety through a collective pledge. Throughout the week, various activities were organized, including a safety quiz competition, safety skits, and a Tug of War event.

PPE kits were prominently displayed, and the team was reminded of their importance in ensuring personal safety at all times. Additionally, sessions on Electric Safety, Fire Drills, and 4-Man Hydrants Drills were conducted to equip employees with essential safety knowledge and skills. The week concluded with the distribution of sweets and prizes to team members, acknowledging their dedication to safety.

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Kennedy Ira
Kennedy Ira
May 06

Seeing RenewSys aggressively promote safety knowledge and precautions across all of their sites during National Safety Week is encouraging. It's clear that the organization places a high premium on safety from flag-hooping ceremonies to training sessions and contests. baldi


Edward Hooper
Edward Hooper
May 02

It's inspiring to see RenewSys actively promoting safety awareness and measures across its locations during the National Safety Week. From flag hoisting ceremonies to training sessions and competitions, it's evident that safety is a top priority for the organization.

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